Embrace BARVIDA curated cleanses that speak volumes in flavor & health benefits. From seasoned cleansers to newcomers, our cleanse options are not just drinks but a bold invitation to press reset and take control of your health. Our goal for you is that you feel amazing WHILE you cleanse, not just after you’ve completed it.

Cleanses can range from as little as 1 day to as much as 2 weeks. We highly recommend a 3 day cleanse, as it takes your body 48 hours to maximize the detoxing process.

PLEASE NOTE: We cold-press our juices in-house daily and they are completely raw, so they have a very short shelf life. We recommend picking up each cleanse on their respective days. Please give us 48hr notice for cleanses to ensure availability & maximum freshness!

WARNING: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems.


6 cold-pressed juices PER DAY OR
3 Juices, 2 Smoothies and 1 Wellness Shot Per Day
Our Juice Cleanse options are ideal for those who want profound results; perhaps treating health conditions, healing illness, kickstarting weight-loss, or just want a full-body reboot. This is the best way to flood your body with essential vitamins & minerals, and feel the benefits that comes from consuming clean, vegan, organic, NON-GMO, gluten free, all natural ingredients.
It takes 48 hours for your body to go through the detoxification process, so in order to get the results you’re looking for, we recommend a minimum of 3 days to replenish the immune system and increase vitality. If you’re looking for something light, you can always do a 1 day cleanse for a quick effective reset!
1 day
(saving $11!)
3 day
(saving $33!)
5 day
(saving $55!)

Our cleanse discount is built into the price of the cleanse. Every day you get 1 free juice!


3 cold-pressed juice, 2 superfood smoothies, + 1 wellness shot PER DAY
Our Smoothie & Juice Cleanse is great for newer cleansers or those who want to maintain an active routine whilst experiencing a gentle detox. Consuming clean organic vegan juices, smoothies, and wellness shots mean that you’ll feel lighter as your digestive system gets a well- deserved break, building an excellent foundation for healthy habits. Because this is so easily integrated, we often see that guests do this cleanse a few times a month.
PRO TIP: Do this with a buddy so you can help keep each other accountable!
1 day
(saving $11!)
3 day
(saving $33!)
5 day
(saving $55!)
Our cleanse discount is built into the price of the cleanse. Every day you get 1 free juice!

Why Cleanse?

A cleanse is a powerful way to give your body and mind a complete reset.
Some health *benefits can include:

*benefits vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

Even the healthiest of us make some ‘not-so-healthy’ choices every now and then
(balance is key!) The good news is that your body is intelligently designed to eliminate
toxins and waste, and it works hard every day to do this – we truly are magical! Cleansing
is a way to help rid your body of built up toxins and give your system a helping hand.

When you ingest high quality plant-based & organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies, you’re giving your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs, while simultaneously ensuring you’ll develop more immunity, resilience, and strength to fuel your body long after you finish your cleanse.

Our body’s cleansing systems:

  • Skin (Largest elimination organ)
  • Liver (Main detox organ)
  • Lymphatic System (Carries waste out of bloodstream)
  • Kidneys (Filters metabolic and toxic waste from the body)
  • Lungs (Mucous lining can trump toxins to be released by breathing or coughing)
  • Colon (Absorbs nutrients whilst carrying waste out of the body)

The benefits of taking part in a cleansing & detox program:

  • Better sleep – yes, please!
  • More energy & vitality
  • Weight-loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves digestion
  • Clear & focused mind
  • Energetic and spiritual transformation.

Cleansing, Fasting, and Detoxing - The Difference

What’s the difference between these three words you’ll often hears as people talk about cleansing?

Cleansing: Cleansing is usually done with herbal teas and fresh fruit juices. It doesn’t necessarily involve complete abstinence from food, but rather, a regime of restricting certain foods and food groups to reset the system.

Detoxing: Detoxing is a deep cleansing program that targets specific toxins and areas of the body. It’s usually longer and more intense than a two or three-day cleanse, and more of a lifestyle overhaul (in the best way!)

Fasting: Fasting, in the strictest sense of the term, is abstaining from all food while drinking only water. Fasting with only water is a serious step and should only be undertaken with the help and consent of your health practitioner.

Juice fasting, on the other hand, is an ideal preventive measure that requires you to abstain from cooked and raw food, so that you’re having only raw fruit and/or vegetable juices (as well as water) for a short period of time (two to three days). Since you are absorbing nutrients directly into the bloodstream, feeding the cells, and bypassing the digestive system, juice fasting is still considered a fasting method, rather than a cleanse, which could also involve digesting smoothies or other foods.



Caffeine is a toxic substance, and while cleansing, the body will be aggressively removing it along with many, many other toxins. So, drinking coffee would be counterproductive. Furthermore, the process of cleansing the body is not entirely without discomfort. People who drink a lot of caffeine often develop a headache on and off for at least a day or two while juice cleansing.


During the first few days of your juice cleanse your body heavily detoxifies. You do this by utilizing the energy usually set aside for digestion. So, as a byproduct of slowing down or stopping your digestive process, you gain a lot of energy. Once the detoxification process is in the completion phase, that extra energy is then used to fuel greater brain and body function and harmony.

Yes. Stay with caffeine-free varieties such as rooibos or chamomile.


In order to get the greatest benefit from your cleanse, you must abstain from eating any and all food. On a fast, we want to slow or even stop the digestion entirely. With all its energy focused on breaking down the fiber, no cleansing can occur.

No order is necessary, the only guidelines are to drink lots of water, drink juice when you feel hungry (every two to three hours), and finally drink your last juice at least three hours before you go to bed. You may drink water or hot tea (caffeine-free, of course) closer to bedtime.

Three days of juice cleansing will greatly detoxify you. However, it is a very personal experience and some people will take longer to get fully detoxified. It is also dependent somewhat on age. Most people beyond the age of 30 have begun to store toxins in large and dangerous quantities. This will take a little longer to clean out. Seven full days of juice cleansing will purify your blood of bacteria and other harmful parasites. On average, most people over thirty could do with a ten-day cleanse. This ensures complete detox and at least a few days of bountiful energy really helping to restart the system. If you want to continue the journey, twenty days of cleansing offers a great sense of spiritual wellbeing and complete mental calm. Finally, thirty days on a juice cleanse would be long enough for you to have replaced any and every damaged cell throughout every organ in your body. This is truly amazing. Anything beyond thirty days is the icing on the cake for the average person. However, some people may greatly benefit from cleansing for longer periods of time.


When it comes to juice, the fresher the better. So we encourage you to pick-up your juice and smoothies daily. Plus, this gives us a chance to “check-in” on how you are doing on your cleansing journey.

No problem. Just always be sure to communicate this to us 24 hours in advance. This will help us to either stop production or increase it per your needs. You just might find that you feel so good on your juice cleanse that you want to keep it going for a few more days. Plus, you know that the longer you cleanse the better it is for you. It is not too uncommon for people who are struggling with obesity or have other serious health concerns to do 30 and even 60 days juice fasts. On the other hand, you may want to stop in the middle of a long fast and pick it up again later. Just let us know upon picking up your last day, that you need to put your cleanse on hold and we will set-up a future date to restart!

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